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Surrogacy Agencies

There are some important things you should know about surrogacy agencies before you pick the one that’s right for you.

As you prepare for your surrogacy journey, it is important that you find a surrogacy provider that you are comfortable working with. Choosing the best surrogacy professional will be conducive to getting a surrogacy journey that satisfies all your surrogacy objectives.

There are numerous distinct sorts of surrogacy professionals you will work with throughout your surrogacy journey but, in this post, we’ll concentrate on surrogacy agencies, which a vast majority of intended parents and surrogates decide to work closely with throughout the surrogacy process.

What is a Surrogacy Agency?

A surrogacy agency is usually seen as a one-stop shop for those starting their surrogacy journey. This is because this sort of specialist provides the majority of the services or all that you need to go through the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy agencies help organize your surrogacy journey to create it as stress-free and simple as possible for you, enabling you to concentrate on what is most important – starting your family or helping to bring a child into the world. Usually, a prospective parent or surrogate agency has a variety of trained professionals who can offer case management services, counseling and further support that you may not find with other surrogacy agencies. Surrogacy agencies, surrogacy programs, surrogacy specialists and surrogacy centers normally offer the same type of services; some professionals just choose to avoid the term “agency” because there are currently no entities to license surrogacy professionals as approved “agencies”.


Services Provided by Surrogacy Agencies

Perhaps the most significant thing that surrogacy agencies do to assist prospective parents and surrogates is to handle the entire surrogacy process for them. That means coordinating between the other surrogacy professionals involved in the process — such as fertility clinics and surrogacy lawyers — and mediating contact and discussions between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Surrogacy is a procedure that is complicated, however surrogacy agencies make it easy by taking their experience, breaking down the process and helping intended parents and surrogates each step along the way.

Each surrogacy agency’s services are different, but here are a few services you can expect:

  • Matching services for surrogates and intended parents
  • Screening services to ensure every party is emotionally and physically ready for the surrogacy journey
  • Coordination of information and services between fertility clinics and surrogacy lawyers to make sure each step is completed
  • Counseling services throughout the surrogacy journey

Surrogacy Agencies and Licensing

With other family-building procedures such as adoption, professionals are accredited by an organization if they meet specific criteria. With surrogacy, there’s absolutely absolutely no licensing thing as of yet.

This is because the surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology market is relatively new; it is tough to establish a set of criteria, since laws are constantly changing. There are a number of criteria you can and should ask about if you are thinking of a specific surrogacy agency.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) professionals should always follow the standards set out by the ASRM, and psychological counselors have to be licensed and certified by their state.

Another way to learn whether a surrogacy agency is reputable and is trustworthy is to ask them questions about how long they have been around and the numbers of babies born.

Because surrogacy agencies can’t obtain any sort of licensing, some surrogacy professionals who work as an agency call themselves surrogacy groups, surrogacy centers and surrogacy professionals. Provided that they provide the services that are extensive as a surrogacy agency, however, you can know they play the same role.

Working With a Surrogacy Agency

When there are lots of fertility clinics and lawyers to help complete your surrogacy journey, you might wonder why a surrogacy agency is needed. Surrogacy is a complicated process, with many moving parts. Prospective parents and surrogates who opt to complete a surrogacy journey without a surrogacy agency are responsible for the coordination and communication of everything and required to make that it happen. It can be overwhelming and stressful for someone who has no idea what to expect. This is why surrogacy agencies offer their services to do this work for you. That way, as opposed to focusing on paperwork and legalities, prospective parents and surrogates can be assured that the surrogacy process is being completed and each step has been taken care of. Due to the experience that surrogacy agencies have, for most this is an easy decision. If you’re contemplating surrogacy, it’s generally advisable to speak to a surrogacy agency first to know just what the process involves — and what responsibilities you would have to manage yourself without case management.

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