• Antonio Sorracy
    July 7, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    We are a pretty open-minded couple when it comes to new cultural experiences. That being said, the idea of traveling to Ukraine piqued our interest, but honestly, it was not nearly at the top of our list of potential countries to visit. Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised.

    Our expectations of Kyiv were low mainly due to media reports of the Ukraine-Russia conflict and lack of knowledge about the culture and country. We never hear of people going to Ukraine for leisure in the US, so we had no idea all the country had to offer.

    The food was amazing with plenty of affordable dining experiences. Fresh, flavorful, and healthy (unless we wanted to really indulge)!

    The Ukrainians we had the pleasure of meeting were some of the nicest, most hospitable people we’ve ever met. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and have been sharing our experiences with our loved ones non-stop.

  • Marilyn Amanda Newman Newman
    July 7, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    The quality of medical care was top-notch. Prior to the egg retrieval, I was referred to another Ukrainian doctor for medical clearance to ensure that I can safely undergo the procedure with anesthesia. Although I’ve tolerated general anesthesia many times, I appreciated the extra layer of security.

    Our fertility doctor was a dream! She was kind, compassionate and carefully prescribed the medication protocol as to not cause ovarian hyperstimulation, which was our concern. We felt that she was committed to our welfare as well as the welfare of the surrogate. She took her time to explain everything and address any questions or concerns we had. We didn’t feel rushed during the appointments, nor did we feel like “just another couple.” We were fortunate to have positive preliminary results which obviously helped with the overall experience.

    (For appointments) Kate (Delivering Dreams customer service manager) met us with a taxi, then accompanied us throughout each appointment to provide support and translation assistance. She was very helpful, for not only us, but also the fertility center staff. Because we were working during our stay in Kiev, we were restricted to early morning appointments, however this posed no issue–we were always accommodated.

    The center was usually very busy, and at times, limited seating in certain areas, but we never had to wait more than a few minutes to be seen by the fertility doctor.

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