• Lisa S via Google
    June 21, 2019 at 12:00 am

    DO NOT BUY EGGS FROM THIS EGG BANK!!!The first batch of eggs given to us were bad and never made it passed day three. So, they gave us our “guarantee” egg replacement since the first batch didn’t work. (Obviously not our fault that they didn’t work and it was there donor or eggs)With the second batch, Doctor Madanes decided to not do a procedure called ICSI that we clearly asked for in writing and told the nurse we had to do and it was never done. So none of the eggs worked, yet again. We called Lori, the woman that sold us the eggs numerous times and sent her emails. And never got a response. When doctor Madanes finally called us back (cause he was on a three week vacation)we told him that we would go to the medical board and file a lawsuit he said “you should”. He was the most arrogant doctor I have ever meant in my life. And clearly stuck in the 80’s with his techniques. The office is very outdated and grungy. This place is a complete dump and so are there Donors and egg quality. Save yourself the money and the heartbreak and find another egg donor agency.

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