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  • Vanessa Jimenez
    March 25, 2024 at 9:11 am

    Hello everyone! I wanted to leave a review on Mlang Surrogacy. I us to work for them late last year. They are a very unethical agency. Once I resigned from the agency I reached out to all the surrogate letting them know how unethical they are and referred a couple other agencies that I had personally used for my journeys. I also let them know if they wanted to stay with them that it was up to them. I reached out to some of the surrogates just to see how they are, and one of the surrogates said that she had decided to stay with them and is having a horrible experience. I feel so bad. She said that her case coordinator Wensen Shen is treating her so horribly. I reached out to Wensen, because I was supposed to get payment for her even though I am no longer working for them, well that’s what Wensen had said. Now she has blocked me. Which is fine I just don’t want anyone else to get mistreated by them. It is Wensen Shen and Stella, who changed her profile name to Joyce MLang. During working for them I learned that they were using IPs escrow to pay employees and for other stuff. I heard of this being done more than once. Please surrogate beware of them and their agency.

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