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  • giuliano dionisio vigano
    September 16, 2022 at 4:43 pm

    We started our surrogacy journey three years ago. We interviewed several agencies and compared costs while understanding our gut feelings.
    We live in the UK and it is difficult to have a surrogacy journey when you are so far away, you loose your sense of control as there isn’t much you can actually do to move things forward.

    The Fertility Agency came highly recommended from our contact at San Diego Fertility Clinic and mostly dealt with Kathryn and Heather.
    It was clear from the very start that they genuinely cared and have a true passion to help create family, we knew we could trust them, they have a wonderful balance of being practical and approachable.

    We had a couple of delays in our journey due to unforeseen circumstances and Kahryn and Heather were always supportive and understanding when we needed to take a break. They went far and beyond their roles to support us, which gave us the strength not to give up.
    Everything is simple when there are no problems but you recognise the true professionals when things don’t go to plan. They make you feel safe to keep going, and this is is priceless.

    We are for ever grateful to have met such genuinely wonderful people that have lead us to the birth of our daughter on August 19th.
    Thank you for helping us create our family,

  • Meghan Floyd
    August 9, 2022 at 6:19 am

    My experience with The Fertility Agency has been beyond amazing. I am a gestational surrogate and just delivered last week. My journey has been everything I hoped it would be. I had such a great experience that I decided to seek employment with the agency. I put a lot of thought and research into the agency I chose. The fact that everyone on their team has either been a surrogate, IP, or affected by infertility in some way was something that made me very comfortable. My case manager Heather H was incredible. I cannot put into words how supportive, helpful, and compassionate she has been. Every step of the way I felt like I was fully informed and had someone to talk to with any questions or concerns I had. Being a gestational surrogate was the most heartwarming, fulfilling experience and I highly recommend The Fertility Agency to if you are looking for a wonderful team of people to guide you.

  • Jacob Pitaro
    January 21, 2022 at 1:41 pm

    What an amazing surrogacy journey we experienced with The Fertility Agency. Pat, Heather, Lauri and the whole team were so professional and attentive. They helped us to find the best surrogate that we could ever ask for. Every question we had was quickly answered and any issue was immediately handled in the most professional way. They made sure to maintain a good connection between us and the surrogate and always wanted everyone to feel comfortable. We will always cherish this agency and definitely recommend everyone who is about to start his surrogacy journey, to work with The Fertility Agency.

  • Yaniv Friedhof
    June 28, 2021 at 3:51 pm

    There is no room for doubt at all, they are amazing. The personal attitude, the experience, the professionals who accompany you throughout the process, and especially a lot of recommendations from friends and people we know. All of these made us as IPs to choose them as our agency. They matched us with a surrogate that was a perfect match for us. Throughout the process Lauri, Kathryn and Michelle keep in touch with you and your GC and provide all the information you need and available any time to answer any question you may have. They are linked to professionals all over the United States, which is extremely important when choosing clinic, insurance company, lawyers and trustees. Today after we have completed the journey we have no doubt that we would have chosen them once again (and again and again) to be our agency.

  • eitan cohen
    November 18, 2020 at 3:23 am

    Hi we are Eitan and David,
    From Tel Aviv, Israel

    It is our privilege to tell our story:
    We are very excited to be parents!

    Our journey was long with quite a few bumps along the way,
    But everything is forgotten compared to the feeling of holding our two beautiful, healthy and cute little babies in your hands.

    We wanted to especially thank the agency Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, that has accompanied us hand in hand over the years.

    In a brave, professional and compassionate way,
    We were matched with the perfect surrogate for us

    Special thanks to the staff who gave us a quick, courteous answer at any time, and to any question!

    We appreciate the way we did together on creating our family

    for life!

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