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7 Blogs by Surrogate Mothers

These surrogate mothers give us the opportunity to peek into their lives and learn about their unique journeys. Why do some women choose to be a surrogate? What’s in it for them? Explore these blogs to read about their fascinating stories.

Why I Was A Surrogate Mother

The blog  is written from the perspective of a surrogate mother explaining why being a surrogate is an amazing and life changing experience according to her. In this blog, Amy Levin-Epstein narrates her ordeal and pinpoints some of the challenges she went through as a surrogate mother.

The 5 Craziest Things I’ve Heard As A Gestational Surrogate

The blog post is fun to read and enlightens you on all that a surrogate mother has to go through. It takes you inside the life of Crystal Henry and her everyday crazy experiences with people who know little about surrogacy.

Return to Senders

A beautiful blog about surrogates explaining in detail what surrogacy is all about and her journey through surrogacy as the carrier of a beautiful child inside her. Dana’s blog is plainly written for everyone to understand the life and times of a surrogate mother, with a view to making all appreciate this noble initiative that not so many people have managed to take.

I’m not the Mom, I’m just the stork!

Yet another inspirational blog by a surrogate mother, Kelly Enders-Tharp, explain her journey as a surrogate. Kelly describes in detail how happy and inspired she felt from life by being able to provide to others’ needs as a surrogate. Kelly also expressed the beautiful moments she experienced through pictures on her blog for everyone to learn the true meaning of happiness that she attained by being a surrogate.

Find Surrogate Mother

Find Surrogate Mother is not only a blog about surrogates but also a platform in order to find a surrogate mother. The site features stories of many surrogate mothers and gay parents who found what they were looking for through this site and were able to share their hardships and delights through this magical journey. You can go through the various sections on the home page and find all that you want to know about surrogacy and life after it.

A Surrogates Journey

The name of the blog says it all. This blog by Brandi will especially help you decide if you are considering being a surrogate or need help finding a surrogate.

Surrogate Insanity

Surrogate insanity is a journey of a woman to being a surrogate and the transition from weak to strong. Crystal describes beautifully to her readers what it’s like to be a surrogate mother.