Surrogacy Agencies in the United States Have an Average Rating of 4.7 Stars

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Surrogacy Network, the site for finding, comparing and connecting with surrogacy professionals, has released their findings from an analysis of 229 surrogacy and egg donor agencies across the US.

The findings show that on average an agency has 16 reviews and a star rating of 4.7. Out of 229 agencies, 83 have an overall star rating of 5.0. Over a quarter (27%) of all agencies do not have any reviews or ratings. 

“Testimonials and ratings are becoming increasingly important in the decision making process for intended parents, surrogates and egg donors when choosing an agency,” said Robin Kuhn, spokesperson for Surrogacy Network. “We provide a one stop shop for those researching surrogacy and egg donor agencies and looking to start the parenting process or to help build families.”

Surrogacy Network lists over 3,600 reviews and testimonials from intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. The platform allows users to filter agencies based on their preferences, make comparisons and instantly reach out to those that best match their needs.

“For agency owners there are some quick wins available,” said Robin. “A verified profile on Surrogacy Network helps to attract clients and by ethically soliciting reviews on our platform as well as responding to them they can create more visibility and trust.” 

Surrogacy Network is headquartered at 5800 S Eastern Ave #600, Los Angeles, CA 90040.
For inquiries, contact their team via phone at +1 (323) 438-2828 or via email at info@surrogacynetwork.org.