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Feb 01
This Is How Much Surrogates Get Paid in California

California remains the number one state in the United States for intended parents to start their surrogacy journey. Because of high demand for women in California to carry a child for someone, surrogates are being generously compensated for their role in the process. Surrogate mother pay in California Based on our data, the average base […]

Mar 18
What Is the Maximum Age to Become a Surrogate Mother?

Many women decide to become a surrogate after they enter a certain phase of their life. But after crossing the age of 40, it is difficult to cope with pregnancy and related health issues. Are you thinking of becoming a surrogate? If yes, are you concerned about the age factor? Here’s a brief article about […]

Apr 02
How Does A Surrogate Mother Become Pregnant?

A surrogate mother becomes pregnant through the process of in-vitro fertilization or IVF. IVF has been in use since the late 1970s, and it’s a very safe process for getting a surrogate mother pregnant. The process begins with harvesting eggs from  the intended mother or an egg donor. After medical testing special medication is taken […]

Aug 16
Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Surrogate

1. Getting Started Learn about surrogacy When you think about starting a family, surrogacy is not usually the first option that people consider. As a surrogate, you have the chance to help someone on their journey to creating their perfect family. Many times, the couples who come to surrogacy do so after trying other options […]

Aug 12
7 Blogs by Surrogate Mothers

These surrogate mothers give us the opportunity to peek into their lives and learn about their unique journeys. Why do some women choose to be a surrogate? What’s in it for them? Explore these blogs to read about their fascinating stories. Why I Was A Surrogate Mother The blog  is written from the perspective of a […]