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  • manuel Guerra Canales
    March 22, 2024 at 5:29 pm

    I feel like I was scammed by gestlife. First, they assumed and inflated the fees because I had a false positive HIV result, which was later ruled out by confirmatory tests. Despite that, and knowing that I didn’t have any disease at all, they continued to classify me as an HIV patient and charged me exorbitant amounts to proceed. For instance, a sperm washing at Dexeus costs around 500 euros… well, they charged me 4,200 euros. With the craziness and desperation of wanting to be a father, they took advantage of me and foolishly I yielded. From there, two processes followed: the first supposedly ended with a biochemical pregnancy, but I had absolutely no information about how the process was done, and only a month later, almost demanding the information, they told me about it. The second, no less irregular, was last year and ended up being nothing. Now they are demanding that I continue paying immense sums, threatening legal actions if I don’t proceed with the process. Truth be told, zero emotional support as they claim to provide… zero transparency… and an unprecedented level of exploitation of the situation. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Spain, but I want to take legal action against them because what they have done to me, they may have done to many others… and the worst part… without any results. I am a gynecologist, and they knew that, that I manage the timing of these processes, and yet they didn’t have the decency or caution to be transparent.
    Even so, I don’t lose hope of becoming a father, it’s just a matter of recovering economically from this tremendous embezzlement and trusting another agency.

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