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  • diego Gonzalez
    June 11, 2024 at 9:31 am

    DEAR MRS. HAILEY KIERSE ,We regret that, after being informed for 4 months, with your family advisor at Gestlife, you have chosen, without trying our services, to give us a negative review. You wanted to carry out a process in Ukraine, and when your bank refused to make the payment to that country (a fact that has never happened to us with any other bank), we offered you another bank in the USA, and that generated distrust. Then he asked us if we knew any Irish lawyers, and we gave him the phone number of two. They are not our lawyers. They are lawyers from Ireland, who you could well have looked for on your own. Of course, these lawyers do not know us well, just as the other 11,560 lawyers in Ireland do not know us well. Our company charged him 500 euros for drafting the contract, and all the advice provided. We are lawyers, and lawyers, Mrs. Kierse, charge for their services, we do not work or transmit our know-how for free. We wish you the best of luck hiring an agency. If you can’t trust Gestlife, a company with 14 offices in 11 countries, more than 180 employees, more than 2,100 children born, more than 500 happy parents a year, and the only one with its own clinic in Ukraine, honestly, I don’t know. who can trust. A surrogacy process is a process in which trust between client and agency must be total. Otherwise, instead of being a wonderful process, it becomes a nightmare, so we thank you, since you have decided not to trust us, you opt for another agency.

  • Hailey Kierse
    June 3, 2024 at 1:04 am

    Lied to by Gestlife!
    Short version=do not use….
    Long version= do not use. Before sending them €70,000 surrogacy money we wanted to validate them as a legitimate surrogacy company. We asked for the names of Irish solicitors they use. They gave us the names and NONE of the solicitors had ever interacted them and were “alarmed” that a company would claim they worked with them as proof of legitimacy.

  • manuel Guerra Canales
    March 22, 2024 at 5:29 pm

    I feel like I was scammed by gestlife. First, they assumed and inflated the fees because I had a false positive HIV result, which was later ruled out by confirmatory tests. Despite that, and knowing that I didn’t have any disease at all, they continued to classify me as an HIV patient and charged me exorbitant amounts to proceed. For instance, a sperm washing at Dexeus costs around 500 euros… well, they charged me 4,200 euros. With the craziness and desperation of wanting to be a father, they took advantage of me and foolishly I yielded. From there, two processes followed: the first supposedly ended with a biochemical pregnancy, but I had absolutely no information about how the process was done, and only a month later, almost demanding the information, they told me about it. The second, no less irregular, was last year and ended up being nothing. Now they are demanding that I continue paying immense sums, threatening legal actions if I don’t proceed with the process. Truth be told, zero emotional support as they claim to provide… zero transparency… and an unprecedented level of exploitation of the situation. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Spain, but I want to take legal action against them because what they have done to me, they may have done to many others… and the worst part… without any results. I am a gynecologist, and they knew that, that I manage the timing of these processes, and yet they didn’t have the decency or caution to be transparent.
    Even so, I don’t lose hope of becoming a father, it’s just a matter of recovering economically from this tremendous embezzlement and trusting another agency.

    • diego Gonzalez
      June 11, 2024 at 9:42 am

      We are sorry that you posted a false review. art.4.5. The contract signed with our company says the following:
      . In the event that THE CLIENT unilaterally breaks this confidentiality agreement, publicly, THE AGENCY will be exonerated from the guarantee of confidentiality, and may from that moment make public any end or detail of the procedure, without the right on the part of THE CLIENT to any compensation for the consequences that may arise from public knowledge of the process.

      Therefore, given that you have violated this clause, we are free to provide the details of your process, in order to defend our honor, professionalism and moral integrity.

      However, we are going to be more generous than you, avoiding that ridicule and we will only say the following:
      a) It was not a false positive for HIV, (an issue that you bring to public view) but a true positive for HIV, and another disease. So true is it that he accepted this fact, and signed an annex to the contract, to be able to continue with the process. As of today, you still owe us money from the medical process paid to the clinic. and not happy with it, he dedicates himself to discrediting us. We hope that it is not necessary to comply with what art says. 4.5. of the contract, and having to make public all the details of your process, because you would turn red with embarrassment. Sue us in court if you have the courage, and the whole truth will be known. We can understand his dismay at discovering that he has HIV antibodies, but that does not give him the right to vomit his discomfort on the messenger.

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