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  • Mayra L
    September 8, 2020 at 10:45 am

    Hola mi nombre es Mayra y recomiendo 100% esta agencia, estoy agradecida con GSHC han sido super amable en especial Yadira Ponce. Soy una sustituta y estoy a mi mitad del proceso y honestamente cualquier duda, inquietud o pregunta Yadira siempre me a ayudado no importar la hora ni el día. Aunque al principio no estaba tan segura si seria la mejor agencia tenia muchas preguntas mucha inseguridad, PERO Yadira fue tan amable que rapido agarre confianza, todo el tramite las aplicaciones fue rápido. Son tan pacientes y detallistas y Sobre todo Es hermoso saber y sentir el permitirle darles la bendición a otras parejas ser padres. De principio asta ahorita muy agusto con GSHC los volvería a escoger una y mil veces.. Gracias 💖 a Ud Yadira Ponce por ayudarme a traducir lo que no entendia, esta experiencia ah sido muy bonita… 🤩🤗

  • August 30, 2020 at 2:29 pm

    Esta agencia fue de total agrado para mi, me acompañaron toda la jornada, nunca me sentí sola, mi case mananger YADIRA PONCE está las 24 horas siempre para ayudarte aconsejarte y contestar tus dudas como tú amiga y te da la confianza de contarle todo y estar protegida, Jia siempre está involucrada en todo y al pendiente, me hicieron sentir muy protegida con mucha tranquilidad, todo salió muy bien Sin duda recomiendo esta agencia, si estas pensando en hacerlo definitivamente hazlo no te arrepentirás y querrás hacerlo de nuevo, a quien lo le gusta que las conciernan? Esta agencia a cada rato tiene detalles para consentir, THANK YOU JIA, thank you YADIRA for be always there with all of the best service like a friend, I’m very happy.

  • Beka Baker
    August 28, 2020 at 10:44 am

    I am a current surrogate working with GSHC Surrogacy Agency. I am 35 weeks pregnant, so I have had the pleasure of working with GSHC for almost a year and a half. Being as this is my first surrogacy journey, I was understandably nervous committing to an agency. I wanted to find an agency that would make me feel cherished and cared for, as well as be trustworthy and dedicated to what they do. I am so incredibly thankful that I did decide to go with GSHC. From the beginning, I was of course hesitant to trust anyone with such a special process, and Alicia-my caseworker-was aware of and sensitive towards that and answered any trivial questions I had night and day, even before I had officially signed with them. Everyone I have spoken to or worked with at GSHC has been genuinely caring and attentive, and every need I had was instantly met. All the wonderful staff at GSHC has established and maintained a trusting and friendly relationship with me, which is exactly what I was looking for when I was searching for an agency to go through. GSHC is the kind of agency that you can go to your caseworker for anything you might be experiencing, and need advice or support for, and they will be there to help you every step of the way (and if your caseworker isn’t available, the owner of the company herself, Jia, is always there for you as well). I can honestly say GSHC has become a second family to me, and they support and help me to the very best of their abilities, with any problems I may be experiencing. All of the reimbursements before the official contract was signed were sent in an extremely timely manner, and after the final contract was signed, Yadira (GSHC’s financial coordinator) made sure all of my monthly payments were sent exactly on time. I never felt as though I was not fairly reimbursed, nor have I ever worried that I would not receive my monthly payments when they were to be expected. Yadira has always responded to my emails regarding financial inquisitions within the hour, instilling a sense of trust and care with me. I have always been fairly, and timely, reimbursed for childcare, gas mileage, copayments, and every other expense that comes with this surrogacy process, as well as the payments I am promised via my contract. Jia implemented a counseling line within GSHC for all surrogates to utilize any time they are feeling as though they need that extra support, and I know that any time I need, or want, a professional to speak to about what emotions I may be experiencing, I can always receive that. I can not imagine going through the surrogacy process with any other company.

  • Adriana Villanueva
    August 26, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    I recently gave birth to twins through GSHC as a surrogate for a wonderful family and loved the way I was treated the entire process. I’m excited to do my second surrogacy journey soon for another anxious family waiting to complete their family. All of the staff were so nice & welcoming. The intended parents were beyond happy for their twins journey & arrival. I was in touch with both the Intended parents and case worker the entire time at all times which was relieving. They took care of everything & also sent thoughtful gifts. I can’t wait for my next journey with GSHC!

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