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  • Janie Smith
    April 7, 2023 at 7:09 pm

    Reproductive Possibilities is a predatory company. WARNING- do not engage with or use. Initially they will appear to offer support, be readily available to answer questions, be empathetic—their founder after all was an intended parent once herself—and quote a relatively short wait time (6 months for us) before they will begin to send gestational carrier matches for your review (note, their quotes will always be verbal and never in writing). You will be presented with the only option it seems you have to start your family- pay them a non-refundable “deposit” of $12,000 USD and sign an iron clad 40+ page contract that protects them from any liability whatsoever. Once you give them this money, they will send you a short email every few months stating that they are still searching for a match; don’t worry they’ll say, you’re a priority to them, it’s just that COVID-19 has impacted the availability of carriers. After over a year of this you will stop to hear from them. They’re gone and so is your money. You will call and ask for it back nicely… maybe you’ll be angry and will demand it. They will dismiss you. They know you have no recourse. The company is owned by a lawyer, and it will cost you more than your $12,000 deposit to fight them in court. And frankly, your court battle would be difficult-  the signed contract exonerates them from ever having to deliver a match to you, let alone ever refunding you. Their business practice is a high-quality scam preying on a vulnerable population of infertile patients who are generally well-off and desperate.

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