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  • Ian Unger
    July 31, 2022 at 10:40 am

    I am very happy to write a review about United Surrogacy. We completed our journey as IP’s almost 2 months ago when our son was born on June 7th, 2022. I will start with the conclusion; they are excellent!

    We are a same-sex male couple living in Germany. I am American and my husband is from Spain.

    We started this process back in February 2021 working with a fertility clinic. While we were going through the early stages of the fertility aspect of surrogacy (egg donor selection, personal health screenings, etc.).

    We had originally wanted to consider an independent journey as affordability was quite a stumbling block for us. We however were open to an agency if we could make it work from a cost perspective. We spent about 2 months speaking to agencies and either they very expensive or if they were affordable I would start to research and find that they were not reputable with very bad online reviews.

    For whatever reason we came across United Surrogacy towards the end of our research (I don’t think they do much marketing and kind of go under the radar as an agency).

    We had a first intro meeting with the owner towards the end of March 2021. There was pretty much an instant connection, and it was very clear these ladies know what they are doing, are transparent in their approach and are there to guide you thru this process while constantly giving you the good, bad and the ugly of whatever choices you make as an IP.

    When we got off the phone with them my intuition told me “This is the agency!” however, I did not let my intuition guide me. I spoke to my clinic, started joining social media groups, did some google research and it was clear I had found the best of the best in this category of agencies (I guess we could call them a boutique agency).

    After my husband and I agreed to move forward with United I wanted to give them money, so they take me seriously. They would not take a dime from us until we were matched (this says a lot about these ladies!).

    Literally within 2 weeks they had a match for us (this was our experience at the time, and I have no idea what match times look like now).

    A surrogate that happened to live 10 minutes from our clinic that had done a journey with them 1 year prior and happened to meet all of our match requirements had just called them and was ready for a second journey. The timing here worked out perfectly because we had just arrived at the clinic to give the sperm sample and were about a month away from having embryos.

    We first had a video match meeting with our surrogate and agency, as we were in Utah (the state where our clinic is and where are surrogate is based) we were also able to meet our surrogate face to face,

    Without going into too much detail we all quickly agreed to move forward!

    We went ahead with contracts, setting up escrow, insurance, etc. United helped with all of this by not just telling me what to do but giving me options and letting us decide what works best for us.

    Like a lot a journeys, it was not smooth. We had a failed transfer in late July 2021, our clinic was so busy they were very slow in responding to inquiries and lots of ups and downs throughout. The ladies at United were always available and quick to reply, if they didn’t know something they would tell me they didn’t know however they would try to put me in the right direction. Really top notch!

    After the failed transfer we opted to do ERA and went to the second transfer in late September of 2021. This one took!

    What gets so lost in surrogacy when talking about agencies is there is so much more support needed than just matching. It’s the contracts, it’s the insurance, its questions about the pregnancy itself, a birth plan, situations that arise that you are not comfortable talking about directly with your surrogate, even stuff that comes up after birth. United was there for everything!

    These ladies are in it because they care and this becomes super clear when working with them. I now conclude where I began. Excellent agency and highly recommended!

  • Allie Patterson
    March 31, 2021 at 8:40 am

    Throughout my time with United Surrogacy- they have been nothing short of amazing. They have made the travel, transfer, and paperwork SO easy. If I were to do another journey- i would 100% go through them again. SO thankful for the attention to detail they have given me throughout my journey (over a year, due to no fault of them). They really are there for you, which is a huge bonus with something as amazing as this.

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