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  • Rita Katsap
    August 11, 2022 at 2:25 pm

    Avoid at all costs! Very disappointed.
    I started my journey at the end of 2018. Was matched with a surrogate that changed her mind on terms we agreed on during the process of signing the agreement.
    Instead of apologizing, I was told that I was the one who could not agree to the to the terms in the contract. Agency had the questionnaire I filled in and knew exactly what I was looking for. Before matching, the coordinator should make sure that surrogate will agree and understand what we, as IP’S are looking for. They did a bad job, took the retainer which is non refundable and blamed me for it.
    During the screening process I lost additional $8k attorneys fees, surrogate travel expenses and payment for the clinic, just for checking the surrogate.
    Unfortunately during the covid I divorced and during the process could not have access to the embryos. All the process was on freeze.
    I received the Court decision and was able to continue with the process and hoping I would be able to rematch with a surrogate, excited I contacted the agency. The $23k agency was paid in full.
    I would like to mention that I had more than 20 miscarriages and cannot not carry a pregnancy till term. I fought for my embryos and paid astronomic amounts of money to attorneys to save them, as my ex-husband wanted to destroy them. I explained all those to the agency received cold message from the owner:

    Your retainer with us expired after 2 years. It was dated 9/17/18 and expired on 9/16/20 If you want to do another surrogacy journey, you need to sign a new retainer. Attached is the retainer. If you want to start the process, please sign the retainer, do an update profile by clicking on the link below and pay the initial payment of $15,000.

    Steps to Begin:
    Complete Intended Parents Profile (Registration and Application);
    Read and sign the Comprehensive Retainer (attached); and
    Make the first payment of $15,000.00.

    Now they want me to pay another $30k agency fee. For them it’s only industry and money, no feelings or humanity, no compassion or empathy. They do not care about you or your situation. I believe in this kind of industry you should be more compassionate to the IP situation. The agency fee was paid, they did not refund it or helped me in finding the surrogate. It was stolen. Be aware!

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