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  • Ashley Putnam
    October 11, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    This is a review for Brownstone Surrogacy, a newer licensed agency based in NY that opened after the law changed there. I want to be transparent in my review, so I should state that my IPs were the agency’s founder (Jarret) and his husband. So while this might not be typical, I can say that the agency remained professional throughout the journey.

    I had a great experience as a surrogate with Brownstone Surrogacy. They have given me a sense of purpose that I didn’t know I could have. As an agency they were extremely honest, trustworthy, friendly and always there when needed. The difference that Brownstone provided was a sense of family that you never hear surrogates mention they get from an agency. I felt like I was a friend or family and that is worth everything and so much more. Brownstone made every step of the journey smooth and easy and as a first time surrogate I felt 100% knowledgeable in every aspect of the process, but only because Brownstone took the time to explain everything. They answered all questions, and advocated for me when I didn’t even advocate for myself. Brownstone made the beginning phase seamless. With quick responses to emails, easy access to someone to speak to, and on time easy processing of all payments. I couldn’t thank Brownstone enough for allowing me to be one of their surrogates. If I were to do another journey, I would work with Brownstone again with no question!

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