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  • Stefan Gennip
    February 28, 2024 at 9:37 am

    **Attention to All Intended Parents and Those Considering Surrogacy:**

    Dear (future) intended parents and anyone associated with surrogacy (especially in Canada and the United States),

    We feel compelled to share a warning about our experience with Catherina Ruberto and any surrogacy agency she is affiliated with, whether it be under the name Stork Surrogacy, Our Fairy Godmother, or OFG & Stork Egg Donation and Surrogacy International.

    For four years, we’ve been ‘working’ with Cathy. She made promises that we could be matched within a year’s time. It’s even written within the contract we signed that if she couldn’t match us within six months, we would receive a 50% refund on our initial agency fees. Unfortunately, we were neither matched nor received a refund. Her excuses, stories, and promises strung us along for far too long, and we don’t want anyone else to make the same mistakes.

    For long periods of time, she would go no contact with us, make an excuse, and dangle a potential surrogate or three in front of us. In the end, we were always left waiting on ‘doctor’s results’ or ‘screenings.’ In 2022, it became months on end with no response to our messages, which led us to make a difficult decision.

    We have a dream of becoming parents, and Cathy Ruberto will make sure your dream will never come true. This is not the way we wanted to handle things, but we have given Cathy ample time and warning to fix her mess and compensate us for all the hurt she has caused. Regrettably, she has not responded or given any indication of wanting to make things right.

    Through this message, we hope to warn others not to waste their precious time and resources on her. We also hope that we can finally move forward ourselves and become the parents we have always dreamed about.

    Sincerely, Stephan and Stefan

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